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Tally is currently teaching every Sunday

at Northern Arizona Yoga Center, 5:45pm-7:00pm


Join me for an evening of Pranam Flow ~Pranam means to "bow with respect" or "to touch the ground." We do this over and over again on our mat in the form of sun salutations. This is a vinyasa-based class with mantra, pranayama, and meditation integrated throughout to create a dynamic experience. This practice is a great reminder to step onto our mat with reverence, so we can dive in deep and cultivate a greater sense of awareness of Self and of others.

Yoga Bio

After years of self study, in 2002 Tally enrolled herself into a seva (service) program at the Himalayan Institute in North Eastern Pennsylvania (home to Yoga International magazine).  This was a complete immersion into a large yoga community that facilitated deep awakening.  She dedicated most of her time to karma yoga, or yoga of action, with cooking, cleaning, and helped keep the ashram running smoothly.  During her stay she was able to study with many amazing teachers including Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, spiritual head of The Himalayan Institute and successor of Swami Rama.  She was also able to take Ayurvedic cooking classes, learn about daily health routines, study yoga anatomy and hatha yoga. 

For private or group classes, please contact Tally directly.

In 2008 she completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training program at The Bhaktishop school of Vinyasa in Portland, Oregon.  Kirtan, mantra, and vedic texts were all major components of the amazing training she recieved. Some of her teachers on her path are Lisa Mae Lila-Mayi Osborn and Uma Diana Hulet co founders of The Bhaktishop, Manorma director of Sanskrit Studies, Jasmine Tarkeshi owner/director of The Laughing Lotus in San Francisco, and Ulla Lundgren TYE founder. She is committed and grateful for the constant blessing and at times, rude awakening yoga has brought into her life.  She has an eclectic background in hatha, ashtanga vinyasa, and qi gong.  She plays the harmonium and introduces sound and mantra in every class. As a health care practitioner she will often thread in teachings from Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine throughout her asana classes.

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