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Herbal Medicine

I have been called to plant medicine for as long as I can remember. When I was little I would play with tiny cups and bottles filled with water and pretend I was making potions. Well, I started making lotions and potions in high school and my love and respect for herbal medicine sparked from there. To teas and tonics to tinctures and potent Chinese formulas, I have had the direct experience countless times with the power and efficacy of herbal medicine. Chinese herbal formulas have been particularly life changing for me and I had the privilege of getting to know them intimately while living in China. One of my favorite smells to this day is a Chinese pharmacy (it smells like Dang Gui in case you are wondering). When I tried all that western medicine had to offer and nothing could touch my pain level, terrible cough, or digestive disorders it was herbal medicine that brought me back to health over and over again.  


Herbal consultations are great way to empower yourself and incorporating herbs can be a welcomed ritual throughout your day. After our initial meeting I will carefully evaluate your constitution, symptoms you are presenting with, and the underlying cause of dis-ease or a condition.


There are several ways you can choose to take herbs: capsules, tinctures, powder blends (granules), or dry whole herbs you can cook at home. I can accommodate to whatever best fits your lifestyle and preference. Often during our meeting I will also inquire about food and nutrition and how that can benefit you along your path of health and wellness. Food is our first defense and has immense potential to create serious change where you can see immediate benefits.  

After our initial consultation we will check in every few weeks to see how you are doing and if any changes in the herbs, diet, or formula needs to be made. Incorporating acupuncture into your long term plan is a great way to see changes quicker and it allows us more time together.  Please contact me via phone or email if you have any questions.  

Services and Pricing:

$125 for 60 min session

plus cost of herbs

Includes complimentary 15 minute phone follow up consultation.

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