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Our offering includes acupuncture, placenta encapsulation, and herbal medicine. Below is a loist of basic services and pricing. More information about these services and how they can enrich your life can be found via our blog. Contact Tally today to schedule your appointment and begin your journey to better health and quality of life.


A key component of a complete medical system that stimulates our body’s innate intelligence and brings us back into homeostasis. Acupuncture is a system for self-regulation. 

$108 initial session, 75 min​

$90 follow up session, 60 min

$320, 4 session package (3 month expiration)

$195 Birth Prep/Labor Induction package, 3 sessions (Can be used up to 6 weeks postpartum.)

*Ask Tally about a local student discount.*

Placenta Encapsulation

Herbal Medicine

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