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Acupuncture is part of a complete medical system.


This effective and skillful method originated in China over 2,000 years ago. It is currently used as a primary health care system throughout the world. Acupuncture is part of a complete medical system so there is little that acupuncture cannot help with. 


In western biomedicine we have learned that acupuncture can trigger a cascade of hormones, release endorphins, interrupt chronic pain signals, increase white blood cell count and immune function, improve circulation, decrease inflammation, reset the nervous system into parasympathetic (rest and digest state) and promote the body’s innate ability for self healing (homeostasis).  


To initiate this response acupuncturists use very thin sterile needles inserted into specific areas and points along the body in the connective tissue and muscle fibers. Most patients feel an overall sense of rest and relaxation during and after a session. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncturists are trained to work on a meridian system. Meridians are pathways that lay in the connective tissue and it is how each organ and organ system are connected, communicate, and function together. Chinese Medicine views disease and dis-ease due to stagnation or a block in this integrate balance and communication. This may manifest as physical pain or tension, illness, emotional distress, or other health concerns. Acupuncture is a tool that has proven to be effective for moving stagnation and freeing up the body’s natural ability and flow to promote healing.  

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In addition to acupuncture the following modalities may

be used during any given treatment session. 


In Chinese medicine we can stimulate an acupuncture point using a thin needle or we can stimulate the area with heat using an herb, Ai Ye (Artemisia Vulgaris - Chinese Mugwort).  Moxibustion is an essential part of Traditional Chinese medicine and is one of my favorite modalities to offer. 


It is extremely effective for many health conditions. Moxa is considered to be pure yang (hot/active) in its quality, therefore the heat can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and muscles and even effect organ systems. It aids in digestion, improves circulation, is used for painful/irregular periods and fertility, helps with breech presentation, incontinence, and painful joints. 


Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a technique used in massage that involves repeated pressured strokes over the skin with a smooth edged tool. I use a ceramic Chinese spoon. Gua Sha feels like a deep tissue massage similar to cupping and leaves the red/purple marks on the skin called Sha. It is useful for chronic pain, old injuries, inflammation, triggering an immune response, and is also used for the common cold.


Glass or silicon cups are placed directly on the skin. Suction is created either by fire/heat or a manual pump. It is an incredibly therapeutic modality and can feel like a deep tissue massage. Cupping can invigorate the lymphatic system, improve the respiratory system, and it is often used for pain management. It increases blood circulation which can promote cellular repair and connective tissue health.

Once the cups are removed you will notice purple circles where the cups were placed, this is called Sha. It may look like bruising to you but no need to panic. The marks it will fade in a few days and is a good sign the cupping helped lift the blood to more superficial levels in the skin so new blood flow can rush into the lower areas near connective tissue to promote healing.


$108 initial session, 75 min

$90 follow up session, 60 min

$320, 4 session package (3 month expiration)

$195 Birth Prep/Labor Induction package, 3 sessions (Can be used up to 6 weeks postpartum.)

*Ask Tally about a local student discount.*

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