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Prenatal Massage

I have been practicing massage and bodywork for about 20 years now. I started off my massage career with a focus in deep tissue and neuro-muscular therapy. 


Then, later in Chinese medical school, I fell in love with Shiatsu, a Japanese bodywork that works on the meridian system. I found that sometimes a more gentle, but deliberate touch can give longer lasting results.  

As my clinical focus has shifted I wanted to continue to offer massage in a capacity I could manage, so I’m delighted to continue offering prenatal massage to the Flagstaff community. 


There is no other time when self care is more important than in pregnancy. In fact, most traditional cultures offer massage and bodywork as a standard of care during the prenatal and postpartum window. It not only benefits the Mother, but the baby as well.


Studies have shown that massage during this sacred time can increase circulation, improve the lymphatic system, stabilize mood, relieve muscle aches and tension, decrease edema or swelling, and improve labor outcomes.  

During our visit I will often combine techniques from several modalities such as shiatsu, Swedish, neuro-muscular therapy, and myofascial release.


Prenatal massage is safe in all stages of pregnancy and a great tool for stress relief. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me here.  

Massage Pricing:

$108 for a 60 min session

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