Community Acupuncture:
(Group Treatments)


Every Thursday:  Walk-ins are welcome anytime between 4:00pm - 6:00pm.  Please allow approximately 1 hour per session.



Maitri Massage and Body Work

2 S. Beaver St., Ste # 246

Flagstaff, AZ  86001

(2 doors left of Human Nature Dance Studio on Phoenix Ave.)


I am excited to offer Community Acupuncture at Maitri Massage and body Work on a weekly basis.  This is a time for everyone to take advantage of affordable health care including acupuncture and sound therapy.  While I am giving acupuncture treatments, Jan Michael Meade LMT will be holding space for sound therapy using sacred instruments including many Tibetan singing bowls and one very large gong.  This creates the ultimate space for deep relaxation to allow ultimate healing and change to occur.    


We offer this service on a sliding scale basis $25-$50.  You choose what you can afford on that specific day.


Please contact me directly with any questions you may have

phone:  #928-814-6923

We treat in a community setting. What does that mean?

Patients are treated in an open room while resting in a comfortable zero gravity chair. There may be 1 to 4 individuals relaxing and enjoying treatment at the same time as you. 


Sliding Scale: $25-$50,

approx 60 mins per session

What is a sliding scale payment?

Our sliding scale is $25 - $50 per treatment. The purpose of a sliding scale is to make treatments available to the greatest number of individuals in our community. We ask that you determine how much you can afford to pay day to day. It’s important that you are able to come as often as needed in order to feel better and obtain your wellness goals.