Therapeutic Massage



Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork rooted within Chinese medical principles.  The word shiatsu means “thumb pressure” and works along the meridian system.  A typical treatment is performed with the patient fully clothed and the practitioner does not use oil or lotion.  It is used for pain and stress reduction, anxiety and sleep disorders, high blood pressure, fatigue, migraines, and much more.

Prenatal Massage: 


I have been practicing massage and bodywork for 12 years and I'm delighted to offer prenatal massage at Flagstaff Birth and Women’s Center.  There is no other time when self care is more important then it is during pregnancy.  Studies have shown that massage during this sacred time can increase circulation, improve the lymphatic system, stabilize mood, relieve muscle aches and tension, and improve labor outcomes.  I will often combine techniques from many forms of bodywork that I have learned in the past such as shiatsu, swedish, neuro-muscular therapy, and myofacial release.  

Massage Pricing:

1 hour  ~ $80 ~

30 min  ~ $40 ~

*If you are a client at Flagstaff Birth and Women’s Center please ask about your discounted rate.